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  • You can only stake native HEX on each chain.
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    Congratulations! You are now connected to PulseChain! Existing ethereum accounts that had balances as of block 17,232,999 (May-10-2023 10:36:11 PM +UTC) Missing tokens.

  • " The state copy means nothing.
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    Positioned as an Ethereum fork, PulseChain promises to offer faster transactions, lower fees, and fee-burning capabilities.

  • At the time of the snapshot, it will copy the exact system state of the Ethereum network.
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    PulseChain is a fork of Ethereum.

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  • " The state copy means nothing.
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  • Pulsechain is meant to solve the Ethereum gas issue, but it seems like it won’t launch in time to rescue HEX from its approaching demise.
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    UPDATE: The Pulsechain Sacrifice Phase has ended, so don’t send anything to the sacrifice address anymore! As some of you may know, the transaction fees to send/stake/unstake Hex (and other ERC-20s) were incredibly expensive a few months ago.

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