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You could try a sparkling wine, ginger ale, or even lemonade. Pomegranate juice.
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  • The champagne gives a dry, fruity flavor, while the Cointreau adds a touch of orange sweetness.
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    A quick pour of the three ingredients and you are ready to celebrate a wedding, graduation or any other special occasion.

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    If you want to change them up, though, choose any of the following juices instead! Cranberry juice (“Poinsettia”) Grapefruit juice (“Megmosa”) Peach purée (“ Bellini “) Pineapple juice.

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  • Fresh orange juice and dry Champagne are combined with cherries, sweet vermouth, and a touch of Scotch for an over-the-top brunch cocktail that has to be tasted.
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    Watermelon purée.

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    Dec 15, 2021 · Directions.

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    The peach nectar is sweet and pairs well with the dry champagne.